Online Payouts Could Lose out to a Bitter Neteller

Thought to be the answer to the departure of the leading online casino payment solution, Neteller, the aptly name YouTeller has hit another roadblock no that Neteller themselves are claiming their registered trademark name is being infringed upon.

Launched shortly after Neteller pulled out of the U.S. facing online gambling industry, YouTeller has had a rough time getting started. Beginning with an erroneous report that YouTeller had falsely claimed they had received a small e-money certificate from the UK Financial Services Authority, now the startup company could be facing a legitimate legal dilemma.

Lawyers for Neteller have already drawn up a cease and desist order demanding that YouTeller change their name. Today marks the last day of the window in which the order has given YouTeller time to respond and inform lawyers of their intentions to immediately comply with the cease and desist order. If not, the case will likely go to court.

YouTeller probably would not be such a threat to Neteller if the current circumstances facing the industry were the way things were before the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. However, considering Neteller is facing a battle of their own with the U.S. Department of Justice, lawyers are worried Seed Capital’s use of the YouTeller brand will confuse U.S. online casino gamblers and consequently draw more negative attention to Neteller.

The Director of YouTeller, Florian Schweitzer, has asked everyone to remain patient while the situation is sorted out. Schweitzer made it clear that being a small e-money certificate holder, YouTeller account holders will only be able to deposit up to $190 at a time. While that is not “good” news to online casino gamblers, the presence of YouTeller will certainly be better nothing…if only Neteller will cooperate.