Win Money at Online Casino Titan in March

Three weeks have passed, but there is still plenty of time to take advantage of the latest promotion that Casino Titan launched in early March. The online casino invites players to redeem two different bonus codes, each of them having several subdivisions. Those who jump on the bandwagon right now, will get to increase their starting bankroll several times, while receiving additional freebies depending on their game of choice.

The number of table games players is on the rise, so it comes as no surprise that Casino Titan pays more attention than ever to this select group of members. PAIR 1-3 bonus codes will increase the initial investment by a percentage ranging from 111% to 220%. The minimum deposit requirement is $21, while those who seek the maximum return on investment will have to deposit at least $200.

Slot game players get to choose between even more bonuses, with HITBIG codes ranging from 1 to 6 and the top bonus consists of 380% the deposit. In order to increase your bankroll almost 4 times, you will have to deposit at least $500, while the smallest accepted deposit starts at $21. The bonuses are progressively high and Casino Titan players have plenty of freedom in choosing the code that meets their expectations and suits their bankroll.

These targeted promotions are just the tip of the iceberg, because regardless of their game of choice, players are eligible for a 100% cashback bonus up to $500. This applies to both slots and table games, while the cashback can only go as high as $100 if you are a passionate roulette player. The cashback bonus is triggered automatically whenever a member makes a second deposit, but new Casino Titan members are still required to send an e-mail to the support team.

Time is quickly running out and those who didn’t cash in on Casino Titan’s latest promotion have only 10 days left to do it. Choose the bonus code that suits you best and give it a spin.