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The National Lottery of France, La Francaise Des Jeux, is in the hot seat after substantial accusations arose, accusing the lottery of cheating players on a countrywide scale. A prominent businessman, Robert Riblet, could be considered the source of the fire La Francaise Des Jeux is now in, having first publicly accused the lottery of printing lottery scratch cards in a premeditated fashion that is nothing but random.

La Francaise Des Jeux denied these claims, defending their operations by stating that all lottery cards are printed on a random basis, according to standards of fair odds. Riblet, however, has refuted this defense, and has gone on to file a 2 million Euro lawsuit against, which he invited the 29 million+ French lottery players to do as well. Backing Riblet’s accusation is the Le Monde newspaper, which supposedly was given documents that proved La Francaise Des Jeux had tried to settle with Riblet outside of court.

The largest spark to this story most recently was the start of a battle between media conglomerates and legal representatives who are accusing French television stations of censoring many of the allegations that have surfaced from Riblet’s lawsuit. The reason being is the French lottery pays out over 56 million Euro in advertising revenue to the largest media outsourcing companies and television stations in France.

At this time, La Francaise Des Jeux has not addressed the accusations at length. More will surely come from this story as legal procedures begin to settle. In the meantime, the French lottery continues business as usual. It has not been a good month for lotteries, to say the least. Just this month, the highly anticipated UK charity lottery, Chariot Lottery, fared horribly in their inaugural draw, amidst executive resignations and accusations of unwarranted financial bonuses to directors and employees.